Awoke at 6:30 to the sound of planes landing, and decided to get up and start packing everything. Breakfast was at 7:30. Kempy didn’t like his french toast, which I thought was brilliantly fluffy. According to him it was just doughey. Instead of the french toast he found himself a freshly made doughnut at the bakery next door. As seems standard in Nepal, our 8am flight left at 10. Our guide arranged for our bags to be checked in and gave us some vegetables to take back to the tour organizer in Kathmandu. The flight out had a touch of turbulence early on which left Kempy feeling a touch less comfortable. In addition we were in a Dornier 228 this time, which appears to be more of a cargo plane than passenger plane. It’s bigger, but holds less people. Once back at Kathmandu, our tour organizer was once more waiting for us, and got us straight back to Hotel Thamel. We had a short chat and he let us know that he’ll arrange for a driver to take us to the airport at 8pm on Friday night. Kempy and I settled into our room before returning our sleeping bags, having lunch and shopping for souvenirs. We have no idea how we’re going to spend 3 full days here, but we have power so I’m sure the iPhone, kindle and Kempys mobile will see us through. Oh, that and Soduku 🙂