Happy Anniversary Amy and Nathan! A casual 7:30 start this morning. I knew full well what lay ahead: Going down the steepest part of the entire trip ~ just outside of Namche. It nearly killed me on the way in, and it’s well marked on the map as ‘Steep Climb’. So with hiking sticks in hand I tackled the beast. Turns out it’s easy on the way down. I think the altitude adjustment on the way up makes it feel way harder than it is. About 6km and 5 suspension bridges later, we got to the spot where we had lunch on day 1 and we’ll stay here for the night. In the evening two tour groups arrived at the lodge and we gave some information to a bunch of English trekkers who are doing the 14 day Everest trip. Made me realize how much I’d learned! Kempy wanted to check out the local pub, but there wasn’t much going on, so he went for a walk instead in the evening. Really not much to report on the way back! 😛