Today it rained. Not ‘a little bit of a drizzle’ style rain that one can laugh off back home, but the torrential downpour type. The rain had started late last night, and kept going all night. The streets were so flooded it would have been dangerous to walk anywhere in this city of Stairs. Some trekkers without guides tried, but after 45 minutes or hiking in the rain uphill, found paths that were litererally impossible to cross. They had no choice but to turn around and hike back to Namche. That would have been very wet, slow going and frustrating, so I think our guide made the right call to stay! Kempy spent the day pacing the building like a caged tiger and trying some harder soduku, while I just curled up in bed reading the latest game of thrones book. In the evening the rain started to cease a little and we explored some pubs. In one we met some canadian trekkers briefly (Chris and Kevin) and had a game of pool on a pretty bad pool table. Ryan had his first scotch and coke and we played a round of pool regardless of the table. Eventually we returned to the lodge for some sleep.