As we started looking for a house, we needed to explore areas of Berlin a bit. Given the whole pandemic thing, we didn’t really want to take public transport, so decided to do another big bike tour. This time “only” 70km. I guess we could use this corona time to get fit if we keep doing this 😉

Anyway, today our tour took us into the area of Spandau, and we even rode through the Spandauer Forst a bit – a public forest where I spent a lot of time as a kid. I really enjoyed the day, and we really need to come back here at some point to just wander through the forest!

On Sunday we headed over to Ilkas garden, where we had a surprisingly buggy day 🕷🦗

On the 24th of April 2020,  it was time for a final farewell to Opa, as his ashes were scattered from a Jetty in Adelaide. The whole family came together and, except for some small technical issues (which he would have loved), it was a lovely farewell. Niko did a fantastic job at taking me along too. I’m deeply thankful that the technology to make this possible exists now, and that we have the skills, resources and care to utilise it.

Vale Opa. May you rest in peace, I’ll come and visit you by the sea when I can visit next time.

The following weekend I spent a bunch of time on Skype with the family and also a lot of time getting Alexa working for Oma. Well, after making a cheerful breakfast anyway 😁.  If we could have, we would have left to visit Australia today, but Corona forced us to remain here. To commiserate we made ourselves a comfort-food dinner. First we went shopping – now with masks – and even found a whole pallet of toilet paper – something which had temporarily become rare as people went crazy.  We decided on a nice pumpkin and potato soup, with nice rye bread, with a nice white wine. After dinner we watched a movie  and  treated ourselves to some Pringles in Tzatziki – one of my mums specialties from when I was a kid.

The next weekend was one of the many long weekends of this time. Unfortunately we really couldn’t do all that much with it, as everything was in lockdown. So we made some home-made pizza and granola for the week and cleaned up some of our IT infrastructure, including setting myself up a windows option for gaming with Australian friends in the future. That future came the next day, where Glen, Johan and I played Wingspan via a virtual tabletop game.


On the last day of the long weekend we headed over to Bernau, just to check out the area and get a feel for how far away it would be for us. Turns out the train ride was quite comfortable, and the town is just my kind of thing. It’s basically an old medieval town – city wall and everything – where they also have a massive medieval fair each year. Now that I know about it, we’ll definitely be at the next one!!!