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Departing Paradise

As with all things, eventually they come to an end.  The week in Mallorca was absolutely fantastic, as I’m sure you’ll agree from the pictures and stories.

Today we had breakfast at the Monastery, enjoying the view once more, before packing up.

After we packed we decided to take a look at the museum in the monastery.  Turns out the Monastery was in the place where Ramon Llull had his visions and breakthroughs.  The museum (and wikipedia, by the looks of it) go so far as to credit him with creating the work that influenced the thinking which gave us computers…  A bit of a stretch if you ask me, but a cool story none-the-less.
Besides a pretty cool video, which was repeated word-for-word in multi-lingual writing on the wall, the museum was unfortunately a complete disappointment.  Everything was numbered, but there was no reference to tell you what the item was! It made for an interesting half an hour though, and I was much more fascinated by the old farm tools and descriptions of jobs which were in a side-room from the main exhibition. As always, Manja took some great photos!

We strolled through the rest of the grounds, and found that the Monks apparently had a cactus farm.

IMG_8335rEventually it was time to depart, so I drove the treacherous road and all the way to a petrol station just before the rental place, accompanied by feet on the dashboard, just like most days..

When we got there we had to switch seats and Manja had to drive the last 500m to make sure the car rental place didn’t know I was driving the whole time.  Wouldn’t want them to worry 😉

I was reminded that I would have been a terrible passenger for this trip. I reverted straight back to my “Rubber-duck” sounds from the first night…. *sigh*

None the less, we go there just fine and the drop-off was problem free.  We jumped onto the shuttle bus, and were at the airport with plenty of spare time, browsing the duty free for a bit and having some airport food.

The flight back was nothing special, and this time left and arrived perfectly on time.  


By Mallorca! We loved you!

Back in Tegel, we caught a bus back to Manjas place ordered Sushi and spent the evening looking through pictures of the trip.

You may have noticed that these blogs are a bit behind – Sorry about that.  With all the adventures and so many cool pictures to sort it took a while to find the time to write and to curate the best images.   I’m catching up, and I hope you enjoyed going on the Mallorca trip with me.  Leave a comment if you’re reading!

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  1. Ingeborg Krebs

    Ja ,das war wohl really like paradise. Schön für Euch Beide, das alles so gut geklappt hat.

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