BreakfastThis morning I got to do one of my favourite things – cook breakfast.  Yesterday we already bought a few more things so I could make an awesome omelette.  We even had some chilies left, so a spicy breakfast omelette was a perfect start to the day.

After such a hearty and delicious breakfast, it didn’t take long for us to pack up and hit the road again, though we were a little sad to leave the pool behind.

We decided to take a detour to our next Airbnb via a fancy shopping strip where we also wanted to send off some postcards – which needed a few more stamps.  An ice-coffee at a nice cafe later we went to a shop, bought some stamps and asked for the local post office.  We were pointed in the right direction.  Upon getting to the post office we were told that “Those stamps are for another postal service”.

….Uh, what? Different postal service?

Yes! It turns out there’s several postal services on the island.  The stamps we had bought didn’t fill me with confidence so I decided to buy them again at the more offical looking post office, figuring spending an extra 3 euro was better than the cards not arriving. Sometimes you have to pay to learn things 😉

We took a stroll to the foreshore and looked at some of the super-expensive yachts moored in this area, just for fun.  While there was definitely many impressive boats, it’s amazing how ugly something super-expensive can be!  We also noticed this beauty, parked on the side of the road with no easy access to water.  My best guess is that it got stranded during the last flood 😉Boat Parking

Our stroll concluded at the car and we drove over to the next Airbnb.  Manja had found another spectacular place, a little bit inland and isolated: A farm.  The owner had recently freshly renovated some rooms, super modern and comfortable.  The only issue was, that while the toilet had a separate room, the sink and shower were visible from the bedroom.  Ah well, showers in shifts worked just fine for us, the terrace outside was beautiful anyway 🙂

As we arrived, though, I also found out that they had a TINY DOG. Which was super playful and bouncy.  *shudder*
In return for my protection from the big dog a few days earlier, Manja distracted the little beast away from me while I unpacked the car.

We explored the farm a little bit before heading to the Cassai Beach house which was a restaurant recommended by the host.  It was a pretty little place, and we managed to score a table with a seaside view.  Absolutely perfect. The menu looked nice enough, but pretty standard fare.  They did have virgin Mojitos, which made for a very tasty start to the meal.  I decided on a local pork dish (of which I forgot the name!), while Manja tried the Salmon.

When the food arrived we were both totally blown away.  Best food we’ve had so far, by a long shot. Given that the table was reserved in another half hour, we decided to go for a bit of a walk, and find some ice-cream for desert somewhere else.  After_Dinner_stroll1

The area was beautiful, so we strolled along the seaside for about 30 minutes before heading back and finding an ice-creamery close by the beach… They had choc-mint, so that was pretty much as good as life gets.

I was pretty keen to try and capture the sunset on time-lapse tonight, so we headed back early, and settled down on the balcony.  I setup the GoPro and wrote another blog entry before we explored the farm a bit more.  We got stuck pretty quickly – a cat had just had kittens which caused Manja to squeal with delight, AND there was another kitten which was about 6 months old and super playful and cute…  Even I was inclined to squeal at that little fur ball.

Eventually we left the cats to pat the miniature horses and watch the chickens and ducks for a bit.

As sun set, we settled back onto the terrace, watched the sunset, took some photos and chatted over a glass of wine while the time-lapse ran.



Eventually we dropped into bed just after the sun had set. We were on a farm, so a sunrise-timed wakeup call from a rooster was to be expected – a reasonable tax for the serenity of the evening.


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