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Yet another perfect day



We managed to get up a bit earlier today for breakfast, which was just as good as yesterday.  After packing our stuff and checking out, we were on the way to the next accommodation straight away as it was about an hour drive away. We got there with no problems, and even found a public carpark nearby.  We checked in, and got our key but when we got to the room it was still being cleaned….  efebacb5-6a90-4df2-b2ac-94513ef080b9At least we hoped so.  There wasn’t anyone /in/ the room, but the beds were definitely not made and the door was unlocked.  At least the bathroom had a door this time 😀

To kill some time, and give the ghost cleaner an opportunity to finish the room, we decided to do a bit of a tour of lookouts today.  Mallorca has plenty of stunning views from the mountains over the coastline, and Manja has found a nice road leading to the peak where there would be a cafe for lunch.

The roads were curvy and tiny as always, but this time we could also tell that it was tourist season.  Most lookouts had too many cars crammed into them, and some even caused real congestion on the narrow roads.  Given all that, we decided to drive straight past most of the lookouts on the way up, figuring that it would be easier to catch them on the way down after the peak time the day.  So we made our way up the mountain very slowly, only to arrive at the peak with cars parked on the narrow road about a kilometre before the cafe.


View from the top

Stubborn as I am, I decided to just drive up to the cafe, and got really lucky.  As I was waiting for traffic to move, someone pulled out in front of me freeing up a parking space for me.
We had a snack and a coffee at the cafe, surrounded by the largest seagulls I’d ever seen.  Either that, or Australian Seagulls are much much much smaller?   I kept thinking that anyone ordering chips at the cafe would surely be killed by a flock of over-sized birds.


Lunch goat is annoying tourists

The terrace we were sitting on was open to Nature, so we it was also open to the local goats, one of whom decided to check out what the tourists were eating.  Amusingly, I managed to make it skip our table with a firm stare and wave of my hand.  Others were not so luck 😆

We decided to escape the tourist masses by taking one of the walking tracks in the area.  We had no idea where it went, but it took us into the crevasse toward the ocean. The path wasn’t really well maintained, so it was a bit adventurous.  Luckily Manja and I both appear to be mountain goats and were not too bothered.  Unfortunately the last 100 meters or so were completely washed out, and I would have needed climbing gear to traverse it safely.  So we decided to take a break there and enjoy the view for a bit.  We even took some photos and I had, for the first time in a REALLY long time, a super uneasy feeling about the heights when taking some photos of Manja.  My brain was just saying “She’s about to fall” and I’m putting that down to the angle we were sitting on, though she had no problems when the positions were reversed.


Eventually it was time to head back up the hill.  I’m pretty sure that in the time we were resting, the hill had moved because it was much steeper on the way up than on the way down.

When we returned things really had settled down.  There were car parks available and a much smaller crowd.  As we drove back down we stopped at a bunch of look-outs, many of which we had completely to ourselves.  Sometimes it’s worth waiting a little longer!


When we got back to the hotel we were relieved that the ghost cleaner did finish with the room and had done a fantastic job – it looked really nice!
Manja was a bit exhausted from the day, so I suggested we could probably just order food to the room. After all, the main business of this hotel was a restaurant.  So I headed down and asked if we could order some food to take to the room.  The response was “No, you are not allowed to take any food into the room”.   … … ?!!?  Really???  That’s one way to piss me off.  Be difficult about something trivial and silly. But: I can work around you.  Challenge accepted!

So I headed back upstairs, grabbed my backpack and took a tour of the local restaurants. I had planned to just order some take-away, put it in my bag and then take it upstairs.  As I strolled through the place, I took photos of Menus, sent them back for Manja to choose something.  On the way back I also noticed that the restaurant /opposite/ to our hotel had a special on Tapas, and the waiters from our hotel and the restaurant opposite were competing for people passing by. After a quick discussion with Manja, we adjusted our plan and went to the restaurant opposite, cheerfully greeting the waiter who had refused me food in the room as we went to the competition for dinner.  I’ve got to say it was a really good choice.  The tapas and accompanying wine were absolutely excellent.



After dinner we headed back and dropped into the first soft bed in Mallorca.


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  1. Sigrid Malessa

    Loved how you intimidated the goat 🐐 with your stare 🤣great post, great pictures!

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