By all standards today should have been an extremely easy day. The trek covered only about 6km. Turns out the half way point is Lusiyasa ~ aprox 2800m. By my math it’s about 1km down and then 600m back up… all in the space of about 1km. VERY step down and quite steep up. Kempy still has a could and found the walk really hard. It wasn’t easy, but it was particularly hard for him today. We had lunch at Tesing (3380m) and I dug up some more ibuprofen for him from my med kit. We had lunch next to an older German man, who had to turn back after Gokyo because of a lung infection while the rest of his group went on. That would have been so disappointing! I’m glad that, within reason, both mine and Kempys health remained good for the trip. While there I also found a replacement for the bracelet that I’d lost. Not quite as good quality (painted instead of carved) but still pretty cool. We eventually reached Namche Bazar via Sansa, with Kempy doing much better for the meds. I knew we were getting close when I was staring down a long flight of stairs. Probably about 500m of them. The sight just broke me a bit, and I really struggled with the last 10 minutes or so of our trek. We did reach the hotel eventually. The rooms are very nice and (best thing ever!!!) it has normal toilets. At the advice of our guide we both had a hot shower. It was hot, but… different. Really ti was a small shed which is usually used as the toilet by employees, and a plank placed over the indian style toilet, which was the drain. Water was heated by a butane gas cylinder powered system. It was hot, but there was no cold to even out the temperature, so it was a quick shower for me. Still felt good to get cleaner ~ after 16 days of trekking any shower is appreciated, no matter the surroundings. Freshly showered we had a look through for souvenirs for people. Souvenir shopping is hard! I couldn’t find anything, so I bought some postcards instead and wrote those.