Well, it’s all really kicking my arse today! Overnight I got a bad case of gastro, but the meds I carried seem to have already mostly cleared that up. Didn’t get much sleep though, and woke up seriously dehydrated. Also, gastro on squatting type toilets is /not/ fun. I had two bits of toast for breakfast at 7am, and after thinking I lost my wallet and then finding it in my bag, we were off. The first part was fine. Until we got to the suspension bridge stairs. Our guide called a break and Kempy and I got our hiking sticks out. The suspension bridge was a good 50 meters above us. We takled the stairs with gusto, but it was exhausting. Imagine the first hill at Waterfall Gully, if you know it. But that was only the start. From here it continues from 2800ish meters to 3400ish meters in one continuous /steep/ slope. Of course every step we took also brought us less oxygen in the air. At several points I was barely moving, eventually finding my physical limit and having to stop twice. I’d have probably stopped more often, but our Guide also called two stops in scenic places, which helped. From one we could see the foot of everest, though the peak was lost in the clouds. We arrived at Namche Bazar just in time for lunch. Between being exhausted, mild altitude sickness and gastro, I wasn’t hungry at all and just wanted to sleep. I power-napped while lunch was being prepared, and made myself eat half a plate of noodles. After that I went back to sleep while Kempy went exploring the town. Amongst other things he found me a musli bar to make sure I ate at least something. I slept until about 16:30. No I’ve filled in the journal which was a lot of effort. Soon we’ll probably have dinner and some Diamox (altitude sickness meds). I’d like to be recovered enough for an excursion around Namche Bazar tomorrow, but I’m preparing for the idea that AMS (Accute Mountain Sickness) may have other plans for me.